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Our menu selections are always changing. Contact us anytime to know what we are serving today.   Here are some of our most popular entrees for the food truck.
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PORKY MACK:  Slow braised, fork tender Cuban pork served over sharp cheddar mack and cheese

JERK CHICKEN BOWL:  Jerk BBQ chicken served over sweet corn risotto and topped with Thai herb salad

VEGGIE BURRITO:  "All the veggies on the truck." Avocado, yellow rice, red pepper, green pepper, smoked tomato salsa, Thai cabbage salad and pimento cheese on a corn or flour tortilla

BRISKET TACO: Five spice beef brisket with smoked tomato salsa and avocado smash on a flour or corn tortilla

SHRIMP AND BACON NACHOS:  Fresh steamed gulf shrimp over corn tortilla chips smothered in brie queso

POMEGRANATE LEMONADE:  Refreshing pink lemonade with a sweet twist of pomegranate



Georgia sweet tea meets mandarin orange sweet goodness  

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